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Privacy policy for Injury Debugger

Data storage and processing

Injury Debugger stores and processes information about your injuries or any health condition you want to track. This data is stored both on your devices (iPhone, iPad etc) and is synchronized via iCloud. This enables you to use all your devices on the same data set. However this means that Apple will store this information via your Apple ID. Noone else will have access to this information, including me (the developer). Apple is storing that information safely for you.

If you do not want to use the iCloud synchronization, you can disable it in your iPhone settings. Open the Settings app. Tap on your name and “Apple ID, iCloud, Media & Purchases” at the top. Select iCloud and scroll down until you see the toggle switch for Injury Debugger. Disable and no further data will be synchronized for this app.


Injury Debugger does not track or log user activity.

Crash reporting

If you have enabled sharing of analytics data with developers on your iPhone, Apple will share anonymized crash logs so that I can find issues with the app and fix crashes. You can disable this and it is not required for you to use the app. For further information on how to disable sharing analytics data on your iPhone please refer to Apples information page.


You have the option of submitting feedback about the app. This is an entirely voluntary action that you can take. Feedback is done via email, which means by sending an email my inbox will store that email including your email address from which you submitted the feedback. I might use this email address to reply and ask for further information. Upon request I will delete this email and any conversation history.