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Injury Debugger launch

Background story: A year ago I had a small mishap with the bike. I got thrown off, tried to cushion the fall by landing on my left hand and received a cartilage injury. This is nasty, since cartilage takes ages to heal. My doctor said I need to be patient. Worst case: 18 months. I’m now just about a year in and things have gotten better, but it’s hard to keep track.

I realized on long lasting injuries it’s just sometimes difficult to say whether it got better or not. Also sometimes I was wondering whether some things that I did actually made things worse. Or other times I was experimenting with treatments and I couldn’t pin point whether it made a positive difference.

Fast forward to about a month ago: having another slow healing tendon issue on my right hand as well, I decided I need to approach my injuries in a specific and focussed manner. I need to track things and get an overview on how things progress. Paper was the natural option, but it didn’t give me the quick and fast overview that I wanted. I could have used Excel, maybe… but… well. Here’s another app 😅

This app will help you:

  • keeping track of your pain level, giving you a nice chart where you can see a general trend.
  • adding excercises to injuries that you intend to use. Can be both experimental and prescribed by a doctor.
  • logging treatments for excercises with notes on what you did exactly. How long, on what did you focus etc. Anything that might be of help.

Having done that for a while you can use the progress history chart interactively. You can select points in time where things got better and see what kinds of excercises and notes you logged. Of course, you can also use that method to find things that threw you back.

I hope this helps some fellow human beings heal faster.

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AverageActivity launch

I just released the first app on my own Apple Developer account after focussing 100% on freelance work. AverageActivity solves my problem of not having enough information on my activity rings on my Apple Watch.

I don’t have the time to fit in a workout every day, but I still want to make sure I get enough exercise in average. AverageActivity gives me an average about my calories burned within the last 7 days. So even if I don’t close my rings today I know whether I moved enough in average.

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