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Privacy policy for AverageActivity

On device storage and processing

AverageActivity stores and processes its data on device. It does not send any data to the internet. You have control over your data.


AverageActivits does not track or log user activity.

Crash reporting

If you have enabled sharing of analytics data with developers on your iPhone, Apple will share anonymized crash logs so that I can find issues with the app and fix crashes. You can disable this and it is not required for you to use the app. For further information on how to disable sharing analytics data on your iPhone please refer to Apples information page.

Health data

AverageActivty uses Apple’s “HealthKit” to access health related information of the user. The user will be prompted to allow access or deny acces. The app will only attempt to access the information the app needs to function:

  • Activity calories
  • Activity calorie goals

The app will access health information via HealthKit if permitted by the user. The user can always remove permissions of the app to access any health data via “Settings App > Privacy > Health > AverageActivity”. Please keep in mind that this will prevent the app from working as it no longer will be able to read health information.

The app will not store health information by the user. It will only read the data via HealthKit and display the computed results.

If (and only if) the user configures the app’s Home Screen widget or Apple Watch complications, the app will access health data when in background mode to fill the widget and complication with currennt information. If the user removes the complication or or widget, the app will at most receive one more update from HealthKit. The app will realize there is no need for further updates and will stop subscribing to HealthKit.


The user has the option of submitting feedback about the app. This is an entirely voluntary action by the user. Feedback is done via email, which means by sending an email my inbox will store that email including the email address of the user who submitted the feedback. I might use this email address to reply and ask for further information. Upon request I will delete this email and any conversation history.